About Us

Two Things We care About. Quality and Customers

That’s why, we do not give dealership to others, we Setup our own selling and distribution warehouse in that particular country and mange the operations in our own Supervision.At our manufacturing unit, we carefully look after our products quality and manufacture them according to health standards. We are the only one in kitchenware, who gives life time guarantee of their products.

In 1989 KLASSIC KITCHENWARE starts business selling KITCHENWARE to a local WHOLESALERS AND RETAILERS IN LONDON.Now, after nearly 28 years serving LONDON and the surrounding area, KLASSIC KITCHENWARE has built a sturdy reputation for its unique offerings of Kitchenware products, Alloy metal products, Non stick Products, Stainless Steel kitchenware and Table Cutlery products and many Household Items.

After the hard work of all these years, You will find our products all over the United Kingdom, Tanzania, Canada, Pakistan. Come by and visit one of our showrooms today and take a look at all the items we have in stock. Just visit us and place your order, delivery will be at your door step next day. We're one of United Kingdom as well as other countries leading suppliers of big-value necessary products for the home - and you'll find them in shops and stores all over the country. Take a look at our products, just click on the ones you're interested in and we'll tell you more about what makes Klassic kitchenware so special. Klassic kitchenware have a strong commitment to building their brand name and promoting new products to consumer and trade groups alike.

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